When using the screw pump should pay attention to matters

Screw pump removal steps:

1. The screw pump is separated from the motor and the medium is emptied (to prevent the motor and toxic media from injuring others);

2, disassemble the screw pump discharge body;

3, disassemble the screw pump stator, if necessary, according to the direction of the pump shaft axis axis as an aid;

4, disassemble the rotor and the intermediate shaft;

5. Disassemble the drive shaft and shaft seal;

6, take out the screw pump bearing, positioning sleeve, should be removed from the bearing seat;

7. For long-term non-use of the screw pump, anti-rust treatment shall be carried out by applying anti-rust grease on the surface of non-painted metal, including the surface of the shaft, the cavity of the packing shell, etc., and be lubricated.

When assembling the screw pump, pay attention to:

1. During the assembly, the components of the screw pump should be carefully cleaned and inspected, and the damaged parts should be replaced;

2, the correct installation of the bearing so that the shaft rotation is flexible, no jamming phenomenon.

3, shaft seal installation: When the stuffing box is installed, the packing gland pressing bolts should be placed in the housing installation window to facilitate the adjustment of the bolt;

4, mechanical seal installation should be careful, the friction side of the vice should be clean and coated with grease;

5. When the drive shaft is assembled with two universal joints, check whether the seal ring is damaged, and fill the cavity with grease;

6, when installing the stator, apply the lubricant to the surface of the rotor and stator inner cavity, which is conducive to stator installation;

7, discharge body pressure fastening timing, nut tightening should be uniform;

8. When installing and assembling, the coupling installation deviation: a–3Ya‰¤0.2mm, a–3?±a‰¤30'.


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