Weichai Power absorbed and merged with a wholly-owned subsidiary

Recently, Weichai Power announced that the company has merged Weichai Hydraulics Technology and Weichai Zhongji Co., Ltd. with all assets, liabilities and business through the overall absorption and merger method. After the absorption and consolidation are completed, the company will continue to operate as the merger party, and the independent legal person qualifications of Weichai Hydraulics Technology and Weichai Zhongji will be written off. This merger does not involve the company's registered capital, share capital structure and business scope changes.
Weichai Weichai Power Integration Weichai Hydraulics Technology Co., Ltd. Weichai China Machinery Co., Ltd.

After the absorption and merger is completed, all assets, liabilities, claims and rights of Weichai China Hydraulics and Weichai Zhongji are enjoyed or inherited by Weichai Power. The two parties to the merger will prepare a balance sheet and a list of assets and perform the procedures of notifying creditors, debtors and announcements.

After the company's board of directors considers and approves this matter, it will ask the company's general meeting of shareholders to authorize the company's management to handle all matters related to this merger, including but not limited to signing relevant agreements, notifying creditors and announcements, Weichai Hydraulics Technology and Weichai. CMC's assets related to delivery, handling business and taxation registration and other matters.

Weichai Power stated that this merger of Weichai Hydraulics and Weichai China Machinery Co., Ltd. will help reduce management costs and improve operational efficiency, which is in line with the overall strategic requirements of the company. Weichai Hydraulics Technology and Weichai Zhongji Company are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the company. Their financial statements have been included in the scope of the company's consolidated statements. This merger has no material impact on the company's normal operations and financial status. It will damage the interests of the company and all shareholders, especially small and medium shareholders.

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