Sweet Pepper Fertilization Technology

When the seedlings are over and the first ear grows to the size of the walnut, the first topdressing will be performed. Mushi pure nitrogen will be 5-6 kg and potassium oxide 6-8 kg. When entering the first spike Guomenjiao is about to be harvested, the second layer of fruit will continue to inflate and the third layer of fruit will continue to inflate, and the third layer of fruit is falling, and it is the peak period of the need fertilizer. The top dressing, Mushi pure nitrogen 6 ~ 7 kg, potassium oxide 7 ~ 8 kg. The third topdressing was performed about two weeks later and the amount of fertilizer was the same as the second. After 15 to 20 days, the fourth topdressing was performed with the same amount of fertilizer applied for the first time.

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