Safety and technical measures for prevention and control of mine disasters

Now on the roof of the mine, water, fire, gas, coal dust, mechanical and electrical transport management made the following regulations to prevent the occurrence of major disasters of mine, I make sure mine safety production:

1. The mine must prepare an annual disaster prevention and treatment plan and modify it in time according to the specific situation. The disaster prevention and treatment plan is organized and implemented by the mine manager.

2. The mine must be predictive of possible hazards in the mine.

3. The costs, materials and equipment required for the mine disaster prevention and treatment plan must be included in the corporate finance and supply plan.

I. Mine roof accident prevention safety management system

1. Mine mining and excavation working face engineering and all other underground engineering projects must be managed in accordance with the a€?Safety Regulations for Coal Minesa€? and relevant management regulations. The safety technical measures for roof management must be prepared in the working procedures for mining and excavation working faces. The prepared operating procedures must be submitted to the relevant departments of the mine and the chief engineer of the mine for approval.

2. The coal mining face must be returned to the column for topping or filling in time. When the control top distance exceeds the requirements of the operating regulations, the working face is prohibited from mining operations. The roof is controlled by the slump method. When the top plate does not fall after the column is returned and the suspended ceiling exceeds the regulations of the operation regulations, the mining operation must be stopped, and manual forced topping or other measures must be taken for treatment.

3. The coal mining face must be supported in time according to the regulations of the operation regulations. It is strictly forbidden to pick up the column in advance in the control area. Safety technical measures must be taken when the coal mining face encounters soft or broken top and bottom plates, over-faults, over-empty air, over-column or roof-removing areas, and mining of false-topping.

4. Strengthen the roof management work of the tunneling face. It is required to strictly implement the top of the knockout, one shot and three inspections, and use the front probe beam and the anti-backup device and the bracket chain. It is necessary to prevent the permeable of the roadway, prevent the harmful gas from exceeding the limit, prevent the ventilation system from being chaotic, prevent the fire from collapsing, prevent the collapse of the equipment, prevent the injury from hitting the person, and prevent the roof from falling. When the two tunneling faces are 20 meters apart, one working face must be stopped to carry out single working face tunneling.

4. When using the slump method to control the top plate, the method and safety measures for topping the column, the safety distance between the topping and the blasting and falling coal, and the recovery method of the bracket, the wooden column and the raft in the topping area, Must be clearly stated in the operating procedures.

5. The coal mining face must have a certain amount of spare support materials in accordance with the operating regulations. Do not use Face prop breakage, damage to the metal roof beams, hydraulic prop failure, hydraulic prop by the root must be well before the pressure test.

6. Safety technology measures must be formulated for the initial placement and closing of the coal mining face. The topping personnel must work in a dangerous and safe place with complete brackets, no collapses, collapsed columns, sloping trenches, and broken ropes. Before the column is placed on the top, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the safety work of the roof, and clean up the road. When the column is placed on top, an experienced person must be assigned to observe the top plate.

7. The water injection measures and specific requirements for preventing coal leakage from mining face should be clearly specified in the operating procedures.

8. The mining face should adhere to the organized dynamic monitoring of the roof and the monitoring of the roof separation, and regularly analyze and summarize the roof management and monitoring.

9. The front beam must be used for the heading face. It is strictly forbidden to work on empty tops and strictly implement the top of the knockout.

10. When using anchor nets, anchor sprays, etc., the anchors must be pulled out. The top plate must be monitored from the layer. The thickness and strength of the spray must be checked, and inspection and test records must be made.

11. The production technology department shall regularly check and analyze the rules of roof activity and formulate practical and feasible technical measures.

Second, mine gas accident prevention management system

1. The mine must establish a gas inspection system and conduct regular inspections. Test at least twice per shift. The work face that does not work in this class is checked at least once every class.

2. Gas inspectors must implement the gas inspection system and the reporting system, and carefully fill out the gas inspection report.

3. The ventilation gas daily report must be sent to the mine manager and chief engineer for review and signature. Technical measures must be taken for major ventilation and gas problems to be disposed of.

4. The mine must take effective measures for the mining work from the production management to prevent the accumulation of gas. When gas accumulation occurs, it must be disposed of in a timely manner. It is specifically implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the a€?Safety Regulations for Coal Minesa€?.

5. The allowable concentration and over-limit treatment measures for gas in all parts of the well must comply with the relevant provisions of the a€?Safety Regulations for Coal Minesa€?.

6. When the concentration of carbon dioxide in the wind surface of the mining face reaches 1.5%, the work must be stopped, the personnel should be evacuated to find out the cause, and effective measures should be taken to approve the report by the chief engineer of the mine.

7. All blind lanes, scrap roadways and mining areas in the underground must be fenced and hang warning signs. The location and quality of fences and warning signs must comply with relevant regulations and be strictly managed.

3. Mine flood accident prevention and management system

1. The mine must prepare a water prevention plan and an annual water control plan each year.

2. The mine must conduct a comprehensive inspection of the upper and lower prevention and control water projects during the rainy season every year, and conduct safety assessment. If the assessment does not meet the requirements, it should be rectified in time.

3. The mine must have hydrogeology and old kiln water accumulation data within the mining area, and comprehensive measures for groundwater to a€?explore, prevent, block, intercept and dischargea€?.

4, ground control water:

(1) The wellhead is lower than the highest flood level in the local calendar year, and the building must be built with dams, ditches, and dredging waterways;

(2) Drainage works must be constructed when water or rain near the wellhead and outside the subsidence zone may invade the well;

(3) Technical measures to prevent landslides must be established in areas with landslide hazards;

(4) Drill holes for ground scrapping must be closed in time;

(5) Mine water discharged to the ground must be properly disposed of to avoid re-infiltration into the well;

(6) Every time it falls to heavy rain and after rainfall, special personnel must be sent to check the ground in the mining area and its vicinity for cracks, old kiln subsidence and karst collapse. Water leaks must be dealt with in a timely manner.

5. Underground drainage and drainage system:

(1) The main water tank in the underground must have a main water tank and a sub-tank. When one water tank is cleaned, another water tank can be used normally. New level of new construction, reconstruction and expansion of mines or production mines. When the normal water inflow is below 1000m3/h, the effective capacity of the main water storage tanks should be able to accommodate 8 hours of normal water inflow. The total effective volume of the main water tank shall not be less than the normal water inflow of the mine of 4h. The effective volume of the water tank in the mining area shall be able to accommodate the normal water inflow in the mining area of a€?a€?4 hours;

(2) The pump must have work, standby and overhaul, and the capacity must conform to the design;

(3) The drain pipe must be working and standby;

(4) The main pump house has at least two exits, one for the exit to the wellbore, which should be higher than 7 meters above the ground of the pump house, and the other exit to the bottom of the well, and should be provided with waterproof and closed doors and fire doors;

(5) Waterproof gates shall be provided for the connection between the pump house and the water tank;

(6) The silo sedimentation tank shall be cleaned of the sludge at least twice a year;

(7) Before the permanent drainage system is formed in the mine under construction, a temporary drainage system must be set up in each construction area to ensure sufficient drainage capacity.

6. Underground water exploration and drainage system:

(1) The work of underground water exploration and discharge must be carried out by a special person;

(2) Must insist on suspecting and exploring, first exploring and then digging;

(3) Operation procedures must be prepared for water exploration operations;

(4) Special monitoring should be provided when draining water with holes.

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