Practicality is the hard truth, used low-speed trucks

Many car owners will choose to purchase second-hand trucks because of funds and vehicle usage. The biggest concern when purchasing cars is the quality of the car body. Xiaobian will explain to you the second-hand trucks that are worth buying.


First, use between 2 and 4 years old

The price of used low-speed trucks and new vehicles between 2-4 years old is obviously different, and the vehicles have spent the running-in period. As long as the original owners perform regular maintenance on time, the vehicles are basically no problem, but some related tests are still done. necessary. Xiao Bian personally recommends that it is best to purchase used vehicles with maintenance records. The maintenance of the vehicle can be continued according to the rules of the original vehicle maintenance vehicle so as to maintain the performance of the vehicle.

Second, to see the mileage of second-hand trucks

The driving mileage and driving time have a serious impact on the life of trucks. Generally, after the trucks are driven for 150,000-200,000 kilometers, the vehicle performance will be significantly reduced, and the maintenance cycle and costs will also increase. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the movement of trucks. Mileage can generally be read out through the odometer. However, the mileage of some imported foreign vehicles is calculated in miles. Attention should be paid to switching. In determining the mileage, the frequency of use, the time of use, and the degree of tire wear can be used as references.

Third, the overall inspection of trucks

When selecting second-hand trucks, it is first necessary to check whether the various auxiliary facilities of the trucks can work properly, such as mirrors, turn signals, and air-conditioning equipment. The most important are the following:

1. Damage to the vehicle body. Observe carefully whether the joint is bent or not. If this happens, it can prove that the car has experienced an accident and has undergone major maintenance.

2. The degree of rust on the vehicle body indicates that if the truck window and seams are seriously rusted, the vehicle is older.

3, the front wheel positioning situation, use the jack to lift the front wheel, shake the front wheel by hand, if there is a large gap, indicating that the parts of the vehicle bearing wear serious.

To sum up the above conditions, after this series of inspections is completed, if the price is right, then congratulations on scouring you for an inexpensive second-hand truck.

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