License Plate Recognition Application Enable Smart Travel

In the future, with the acceleration of the development of urbanization in China, the traffic pressure will become more severe. Therefore, intelligent traffic management will be the general direction of future traffic development. The bayonet system adopting license plate recognition and video analysis technology is an important component of the urban intelligent traffic management system. It is an intelligent traffic system for real-time monitoring of motor vehicles driving on roads, which relieves traffic management pressures, especially static traffic. A very important role. At the same time, it is also a core issue for the construction of the 21st century urban traffic information highway, which has greatly promoted the rapid development of intelligent transportation.

In intelligent traffic applications, in addition to extracting information such as vehicle traffic, it is also important to easily identify vehicle identities. Among many vehicle identification methods, license plate recognition has been widely recognized by the industry for its excellent performance in applications.

License plate recognition machine application scenario:

- Automatic release The designated license plate information is entered into the system, and the license plate recognition system automatically reads the license plate of the passing vehicle and queries the internal database. For vehicles that need to be automatically released to drive electronic gates or barriers to allow them to pass, warnings will be given to other vehicle systems and handled by on-duty personnel. Can be used for special units (such as military administrative areas, confidential units, key protection units, etc.), road and bridge charge bayonet, and advanced residential areas.

- Calculation of vehicle travel time In the traffic management system, the average travel time of a vehicle on a road can be used as a parameter for judging the road congestion condition. The license plate recognition machine is installed at the start and end points of the road, and all the passing vehicles are read and the license plate number is transmitted back to the traffic command center. Based on these results, the command center management system can calculate the average travel time of the vehicle.

As one of the important core technologies in the intelligent traffic management system, license plate recognition will serve as a gateway to open smart traffic and serve parking lots and major parking toll stations. Make people's parking life more convenient and orderly.

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