How to use sprinkler to save water?

Everyone knows that the amount of water used by a sprinkler is very large. In daily life, a lot of water is used almost daily. In fact, sprinklers can also achieve water conservation through some methods.


1. The self-priming height of the sprinkler pump itself will be higher than 5m, so that the sprinkler is suitable for field operations, and is also suitable for the extraction of clean water in the river within the city, which can save water resources.
2. The
sprinkler car configuration is a national standard fire-fighting interface, which can be connected with the fire hydrants. Therefore, when planning the urban water supply pipe network, it is necessary to consider the replenishment point of the sprinkler, which can reduce water consumption and can also save the financial resources. pay expenses.
Do not sprinkle water when the road surface has not been cleaned. If the road is filled with silt or some debris, the watering operation will cause them to enter the sewer. Over time, the sewage pipeline will become blocked. During the rainy season, flooding may occur. On the other hand, it will also increase the cost of excavation of sewers. Therefore, it is best to sprinkle water after the street is cleaned.
4. When the
customer purchases the sprinkler, it may have requested to increase the height of the rear spray nozzle. This will effectively expand the width of the sprinkler after the sprinkler, and even the single sprinkler can complete the sprinkler operation, resulting in more excellent dust and cooling effects.
, according to the actual needs of the sprinkler configuration increase, such as considering the practicality of sprinklers in the winter. The existing sprinkler can be retrofitted to increase the internal circulation of salt water spray function. In areas with cold climate, simple yet practical devices such as snowboard and ice-breaking hob can be added to the sprinkler to improve the sprinkler. The usage rate.

The above are some small tricks that Xiaobian has summarized for everyone to save water. Now that environmental protection water is a common topic for all, the worlda€?s water resources are becoming less and less, and water for environmental protection is also a top priority. Start from scratch and start your own. Of course, sprinklers are the most used vehicles.

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