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The frost has not passed for a week, the lowest temperature in Beijing has fallen below zero, and the pace of winter has come quietly. In winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is very large. The fogging of the windows has caused great trouble to many drivers and friends, and has many adverse effects on the safety of drivers and pedestrians. So, how to prevent fog in winter cars? Beimai Net Xiaobian introduces you to some small tricks for winter window de-fogging.

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1. Wipe with a rag

Wiping the window with a rag is one of the common methods used by many drivers. The advantage is simple and convenient, the shortcoming is that the durability is poor, the mist is wiped out, and it will not be long before; if it is wiped with a rag, it needs to stop, otherwise there will be a great safety hazard; if it is not clean, it will affect the driver's sight.

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2. Use anti-fog products

Spray anti-fogging agent on the window and wipe the window with a towel or anti-fog. The advantage is that the defogging effect is obvious and long-lasting, and the disadvantage is that it takes a little time and cost.

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3. Open window air convection

If the weather is not very cold, or if the smog is not serious, the window can be opened properly and the fog will quickly dissipate. The advantage is that the effect is direct and fast, and the disadvantage is that it may be a bit cold.

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4. Using the interior air conditioning system

Blow the window glass with hot air until the inside of the window glass is dry. The advantage is that it will not cause extra power consumption. The disadvantage is that it is slow, and the fog will be more obvious when the hot air is turned on. It is recommended to operate before driving.

The above is about how to prevent fog in winter cars, Xiaobian introduces you to the winter window defogging small coup, I hope to help you. It is not a trivial matter to fog the windows. I hope that everyone will take protective measures in the winter and learn more about car maintenance. Please continue to pay attention.

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