Greenhouse dolls help boutique facilities agricultural development

With the development of facility agriculture, the types and types of crops planted in greenhouses are also increasing and expanding, while some of the fine crops have high requirements for the environment, which also requires a higher level of technical expertise for facility agriculture. The application of greenhouse dolls provides important data support for the control of the greenhouse environment. It is possible to grow more quality crops and promote the refinement of current facilities agriculture.

Greenhouse Doll

Taking fresh-cut chrysanthemum planting as an example, a multi-headed chrysanthemum production base in a certain place, a smart greenhouse of more than 6,000 square meters is planted with 13 varieties of freshly cut chrysanthemums such as green anna, pink pingpong, dante, red monet and white neva. The freshly cut chrysanthemum planted here is an export product. After the cultivation is completed, it will be exported to Russia, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries. Therefore, the quality of flowers is extremely demanding and belongs to the fine-greenhouse cultivation crops. In order to ensure the greenhouse environment is in line with these fresh cuts. For the growth of chrysanthemum, managers use intelligent greenhouse dolls to monitor greenhouse environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, soil temperature and humidity, and illuminance in the greenhouse. Functionally, it is like in a greenhouse of freshly cut chrysanthemums. The stewards, therefore, were also aptly called by the peasants as "greenhouse stewards".
The application of greenhouse dolls in the greenhouse of freshly cut chrysanthemums ensures the refinement of greenhouse environment control, realizes the automatic monitoring of comprehensive ecological information of facility agriculture, and provides an important basis for the automatic control and intelligent management of the environment. Under the meticulous management, fresh cut chrysanthemums, which can only be used for two years in the past year, are now blossoming in all four seasons. The output per mu is also increased from 30,000 to 120,000, and 10 staff are reduced to five. The flowering period can be It lasts 1 month or even longer. This is the great economic benefit brought by the science and technology forces such as greenhouse dolls to the development of modern boutique facilities.

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