Exclusive six watch tips, craftsmen teach you to understand the plate!

There is a wide range of furniture plates. If you do not have a certain understanding of it, you will run into bad businesses.

Sadness and disappointment cannot be expressed in words...

China's top ten brand plate art craftsman Xiaobian presents an exclusive six watch tips:

Let everyone know more about plates than selling furniture

In this way, we can

Stealing fun~~~

A look at the edge

All plates must be "sealed on all sides and closed on all sides"

To achieve "zero" release of formaldehyde

Second see if wear-resistant

The finish needs to be hardened

In order to withstand the impact of hard objects, it is obviously stronger than paint furniture.

I am not afraid of jealousy and afraid of planning.

Three to see whether the high temperature

A panel pressed at a high temperature of 354 degrees or more,

Even if you put a hot item,

The surface will not leave hot marks.

Four to see if it is healthy and environmentally friendly

Imported environmental protection paint because there is no paint,

Does not release harmful gases,

Guaranteed no pungent taste.

Five to see corrosion resistance

Whether dirt and grease can be wiped quickly

Easy to take care of.

Six to see the thickness

The thickness of the furniture sheet material,

It directly affects the stability and age of the furniture.

The basket shaped Johnson screen is a kind of tubal Johnson screen. It is rolled by the wedge-shaped profile wire and the support rod. The shape of slot opening is generally round hole and other holes are square hole, cross hole, bridge hole, arbitrary hole and so on.

2.1basket shaped johson screen

The material: 304, 321, 316 L, 904 L, duplex stainless steel 2205, duplex stainless steel 2507, Monel alloy, titanium, etc. by changing the material, quantity, the way of woven, the size of V-shape stainless profile wire and support rods and the size of the slot opening, we can make out the perfect basket shaped Johnson screen to suit your work condition.

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Basket Shaped Johnson Screen

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