Dongfeng Chaochai: Hometown of Diesel Engines in Beiguozhongzhong Town

Chaoyang, where the first bird took off, the place where the first flower blooms.

Chaoyang, the birthplace of the first high-speed direct-injection diesel engine. Chaoyang is where Dongfeng business blossoms in the North.

Over the years, Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., which has experienced the baptism of the times, has maintained rapid development. In 1979, Chaochao successfully developed China's first high-speed direct-injection diesel engine, which started the journey of Chinaa€?s internal combustion engine taking off; from 1998 to 2000, Chaoyang Diesel Engine won the first national multi-cylinder diesel engine production and sales, winning The reputation of the first brand of China's light vehicle diesel engine; in October 2004, Dongfeng Chaochai took the lead in achieving the 1 millionth high-speed automotive diesel engine offline. At present, Chaoyang Diesel Engine has a population of 1.7 million units and exports over 10,000 units a year, ranking first in the industry. The development and growth of Dongfeng Chaochai is a microcosm of China's automobile engine industry and an important support and gain for Dongfenga€?s business distribution.

6102Q Type Diesel Engine Opens the Frontier of "Changing Firewood"

The first phase of Chaochai, which was established in 1960, is mainly to produce agricultural machinery products, agricultural diesel engines and tractor products. Under the planned economic system, the pace of development is relatively slow. In 1979, China began its overall reform and opening up. The transportation industry has become increasingly prosperous. The economy of transportation has received more and more attention, and diesel engines with better economy have begun to enter the limelight. Towards the time of Chaiman, he made a bold decision: Put the diesel engine on the car instead of the gasoline engine.

At that time, as there was no experience to learn from, Zaochai used a factory commuter car to replace a car equipped with an imported engine. Subsequently, the scientific and technical personnel used the method of imitating design, using very simple equipment to overcome various difficulties such as personnel and funds, and at the end of 1979, miraculously produced China's first diesel engine for direct-injection high-speed vehiclesa€”6102Q. The diesel engine was first converted into a diesel engine in the country for the first time, which caused a sensation and was greatly welcomed by users. This modification has set off an upsurge in the a€?automobile conversion of diesela€? across the country. From then on, Chaochai has converted the main engine power of agricultural diesel engines.

The first high-speed automotive diesel engine in China that embodies the wisdom and painstaking efforts of the old generation of science and technology workers in Chaochao made it possible for Chaochao to achieve a historic leap from agricultural machinery production to automobile engine manufacturing. It also created a diesel engine for China's trucks. First. This was a spectacular appearance that was impressive. It was announced that Chaochai officially entered the big stage of the Chinese auto industry. Since then, the glorious history of CY6102Q series diesel engines has accompanied Dongfeng Chaochai for more than 20 years, which has laid a leading position for Dongfeng Chaochaia€?s internal combustion engine industry in China.

Join Dongfeng plug in takeoff wings

As an independent engine manufacturer, there are many insurmountable contradictions and difficulties encountered in a complex and volatile market situation. In the early 1990s, when the domestic auto industry entered the stage of joint restructuring, Chaochai also faced new options. Although the Chaoyang diesel engine is in short supply and the market is in short supply, after Chaochai switched to diesel engines for vehicles, the production process was not smooth due to various reasons. At this time, Chaochai management clearly realized that the alliance of companies is the only way that diesel engines can only gain greater room for development.

In the end, Dongfeng chose Zhaochai, and Chaochao chose Dongfeng. On April 26, 1993, Chaochai joined Dongfeng Corporation in the form of asset management integration and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongfeng Corporation. It ended the single tide in the economic tide and embarked on the broad road to the development of China's automobile industry. This opened up a precedent for the strategic restructuring of the Chinese engine industry.

This historic leap has laid a solid foundation for the development of Dongfeng Chaochai. After joining Dongfeng, Dongfeng Chaochai was guided by the dominant principle of a€?relying on non-dependencea€?. Under the premise of following the overall plan of Dongfeng Company, it continued to open up other markets, and the company entered a period of overall development with great adjustment, great development, and great improvement. From 1993 to 1995, the economic benefits of state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises generally declined, and Dongfeng Chaochao Chaia€?s annual profits and taxes reached more than RMB 100 million yuan by virtue of its products and market advantages, and it increased at a rate of more than RMB 10 million per year. Construction and Dongfeng Corporation made positive contributions.

Technological innovation leads the industry

Product is the life of a company. Dongfeng Chaochai has positioned its products as a€?high-quality powera€?. The mission of Chaochao people is to a€?create high-quality power and maximize the value of the companya€?. Based on the R&D mechanism of a€?production generation, R&D generation, and reserve generationa€? and the a€?innovation consciousness of a€?I have no people and I have the besta€?a€?, Dongfeng Chaochai ushered in its second turning point in 1984. This year, Dongfeng Chaochai successfully developed the first 4102Q diesel engine, filling the gap of domestic 2.5-3 tons of diesel engines. Based on its reliable performance and quality advantages, Dongfeng Chaochai 4-cylinder diesel engine has quickly become the first choice of supporting power for various automobile plants, and enjoys high credibility and loyalty among users. Especially since 1996, the production and sales volume of Dongfeng Chaochao Diesel 4-cylinder has always ranked first in the same industry in the country.

The third turning point of Dongfeng Chaochai happened in 2003. This year, Dongfeng Chaochao successfully introduced CYQD32 diesel engine with the introduction of Nissan Diesel Technology, filling the gap of the domestic 3-litre high-grade diesel engine and becoming a new milestone in the development of passenger vehicles. In the trend of diesel-based MPV, SUV and other high-end passenger cars that were originally used for gasoline engines, Dongfeng Chaochao CYQD32 series diesel engine has become the first choice of the above models. Innovation has always been accompanied by the development of Dongfeng Chaochai. In 1999 and 2005, Dongfeng Chaochai successfully developed China's first light-duty diesel engine for emission of Euro I and Euro III standards, and always led the way in increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

In August 2007, Dongfeng Chaochai also ushered in an important historical moment. The NGD 3.0 diesel engine, a world-class power produced by the introduction of UWC technology, has successfully settled in Dongfeng Chaochai. Together with the CYQD32 series diesel engine, it is a multi-functional city in China. The SUV, MPV, high-end pickup trucks, and high-end light truck industries have added more professional, more reliable, and more powerful high-grade diesel engines, which are of great significance not only to the survival and development of Dongfeng Chaochai, but also to the development of the Chinese automobile industry. Important influence.

After nearly half a century of arduous pioneering and sustainable development, the DPRK Chai people used their wisdom and strength to cast a brilliant performance of 1.7 million units of society. In the future journey, Dongfeng Chaochai will go along with Dongfeng Company and the Chinese auto industry to open up a new realm of career development.

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