Developing Special Epoxy Resins as a Top Priority

On March 29, 2008, the Guangzhou Epoxy and Curing Agent Industry Exhibition came to a close in Guangzhou. The reporter found at the exhibition that there were only a few epoxy resin companies participating in the exhibition, but there were quite a few visitors. Industry sources pointed out that the epoxy resin industry is currently in a mature period in developed countries, and it will focus on expanding its application fields and developing high-end products in the future. Although there is a certain gap in China's epoxy resin market, conventional products are relatively surplus, and accelerating the development of unconventional products has become an urgent task for the epoxy resin industry.
The reporter interviewed several professionals on how to improve the competitiveness of China's epoxy resin industry. They believe that domestic epoxy resin companies must first attach importance to the development and production of 618 or E-51 base resins. Bisphenol A epoxy system products are the mainstream of the epoxy industry in the world. The foreign mainstream market uses 618 epoxy resin as the base resin, while China is mainly based on 6101 or E-44.
Second, companies should accelerate the development of special products that are in short supply in the market. At present, many epoxy resin companies grab the market in general-purpose bisphenol-A epoxy resin, while the heat, flame-retardant, water-based, high-purity and other product markets are mostly occupied by foreign companies. For domestic enterprises to further develop, phenolic epoxy resin, o-cresol formaldehyde epoxy resin, bisphenol F epoxy resin, alicyclic epoxy resin, phosphorus-containing epoxy resin and light-curing epoxy resin, water-based ring Market development of oxygen resin and other products; at the same time, accelerate the development of additives such as curing agents and reactive diluents.
People in the industry reminded that the requirements for the environmental protection and safety performance of industrial products are increasingly strict at home and abroad and will have a profound impact on the application market of epoxy resins. Enterprises should plan as soon as possible to develop environmentally friendly products as soon as possible. For example, brominated epoxy resins are widely used in copper clad laminates, flame-retardant electrical castables, etc., but bromide will reduce or eliminate the use of ozone layer. Therefore, enterprises should accelerate the development and production of non-halogenated flame-retardant epoxy resin products. .
In addition, respondents also said that China's epoxy resin industry is not too late to start, but the development is not fast. While strengthening the research and development of domestic enterprises, it is necessary to strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and market development of new products.

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