Brisbane Port pilot boat accepts Simrad radar upgrade

One of Australia's fastest growing container ports, Pioneer Ships (ship-type shipyards), is using the new navigation equipment from Simrad Group, a specialist in electronic navigation (purchasing supply).

?? ?? ?? ?? The equipment installed during the recent modification of the "Amity" pilot vessel includes the NSS12 evo2, 12-inch chart (product library supply) plotter and Simrad GS25 GPS (product library supply) antenna support with GPS positioning Functional displays, and the recently launched Simrad Halo 3-foot radar with the latest pulse compression technology (purchased from the product library). The "Amity" is the latest of the three pilot boats owned and operated by the Brisbane River Pilot Boat Association. Three pilot vessels are operating with the Halo radar system. At the same time, the fourth pilot vessel with the Halo radar system is operating at the port of Mooloolaba.

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