Analysis of Four Causes for High Uniformity of High and Low Temperature Test Chambers

When the user selects the high-low temperature test box, it can refer to the technical parameters of the equipment such as temperature range, uniformity, volatility, heating rate, and cooling rate, and whether it matches the test conditions to be achieved. Among them, uniformity is a parameter that we need to pay attention to. In the process of using the equipment, there will always be a failure with an even degree of uniformity. Hongda Tianmo analyzes the four reasons for the high uniformity of high and low temperature test chambers:

1, poor sealing

The sealing performance of the box is not good. For example, leakage of the door will affect the temperature uniformity of the equipment studio.

2, the sample volume is too large

If the temperature deviation is detected, it is required to place the sample in the working chamber. When the sample volume is too large, or the placement method or position is not appropriate, the convection of air will be obstructed. This will also lead to larger temperature deviation.

3, uneven heat transfer to the wall

Due to the heat conduction of the high-low temperature test box wall, heat losses such as high-temperature box leakage or cold box leakage cooling occur. In order to compensate for the heat loss, the temperature difference of the supply air is inevitable. The air temperature of the high-temperature box is higher than the working temperature of the box. The supply air temperature of the box is lower than the working temperature inside the box. Due to the inevitable temperature difference between the supply air, the temperature in the working chamber is not uniform.

4, asymmetric structure

The structure of the high and low temperature chamber equipment greatly influences the temperature in the middle of the work. Because the structure is difficult to fully symmetric, it has an adverse effect on the temperature uniformity. The front door is at the front, and the air-conditioned room is at the back of the box. This structure has good symmetry and can easily reach the left and right temperature uniformity.

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