Allison Transmission Showcases New Magirus Fire Engine at 2018 International Fire and Safety Show

The Allison Transmission demonstrated the new Magirus City Fire Engine during the 2018 International Safety and Fire Show (SICUR). This car is ideal for urban use, with a narrow wheelbase, slim body design, and an Allison 3000 series gearbox for better acceleration and handling.

New Magirus City Fire Engine
New Magirus City Fire Engine

Alejandro Mart?-nez, Commercial Director of Magirus Spain, Portugal and South America, said: a€?The combination of the Magirus fire engine and the Allison transmission makes it a very perfect vehicle. Its functions and advantages are comparable to large vehicles. a€?The difference is that This type of vehicle is conducive to entering a narrow street full of sharp turns, which is not possible for larger vehicles. a€?

Based on the Iveco Eurocargo 120E25 4x2 chassis, which meets Euro 6c emission standards, this compact vehicle has a double cab with enough space to comfortably accommodate five firefighters. All four seats are equipped with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The car is also equipped with a Magirus MPH230 pump, which guarantees a flow rate of 2,000 l/min at 10 bar and 250 l/min at 40 bar.

"The reliability of the Allison transmission gives the firefighters more confidence that they can reach the fire quickly and safely," said Trond Johansen, market development manager for Allison Transmission in Spain. "In an emergency, the vehicle's Performance and acceleration are critical, thanks to our Continuous Power TechnologyTM, Allison transmissions ensure that the engine provides smooth and continuous power to the drive wheels, which improves acceleration and shortens travel time."

The reliability of Allison transmission provides more confidence for the fire brigade

The reliability of Allison transmission provides more confidence for the fire brigade

The combination of the Iveco 250hp engine and the Allison transmission includes a hydraulic retarder for enhanced braking and reduced brake wear to ensure optimal driving performance in emergency operations.

a€?The gearbox is a very good solution for emergency services because, in addition to providing maximum driving efficiency, the driver does not have to concentrate on shifting, but rather concentrates on reaching the disaster quickly and safely,a€? said Mart?-nez. "In addition, Allison automatic transmissions rarely fail so customers have confidence in the uptime of the vehicle."

Half of the heavy trucks exhibited at SICUR were fitted with Allison automatic transmissions.


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