What to do when a fire breaks downhole?

What to do when a fire breaks downhole?

(1) Immediately report the fire and report to the nearby staff

(2) When the fire is small, fire should be directly extinguished to control the development of the fire.

(3) When the fire is big, wear a self-rescuer and quickly withdraw from the disaster area.

(4) On the way to retreat, pay attention to observe the changes of the roadway and the wind flow at any time, and rectify the wind flow caused by the fire and wind pressure;

(5) When it is impossible to evacuate, find a temporary diverticulum in the vicinity to avoid it, and leave a clear sign outside the squatting area.

Compostable Packaging Bags

Oxo biodegradable technology can make plastic totally degradable. Plastic incorporating with TDRAa?¢ additive, that is TDPa?¢ plastic, will degrade in months and finally become carbon dioxide, water and bio mass particles without leaving any toxic or harmful residue. Hense, TDPa?¢ plastic is 100% environment friendly. MST now can make kraft paper/PLA degradable bags, PLA is a 100% degradable material which we import from Italy, meantime all these material are FDA approved, suitable and safe for food packaging.

In China, we are at the forefront of developing sustainable packaging solutions. We use renewable environmentally friendly materials such as corn starch and sugar cane in our packaging to help customers achieve their goals and reduce their environmental impact, while reducing our carbon footprint.

In short, sustainable packaging is using packaging materials that are more environmentally friendly and generate less waste than disposable solutions. Sustainable packaging options can be recycled, reused or composted.

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