The voyage test of the seawater desalination plant was successful

Recently, the 10 ton/day fully automatic reverse osmosis desalination plant for the 1000-ton scientific research ship developed by the Qingdao Institute of Oceanography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the navigation test and was successfully delivered. During the test, the device was operating normally, providing sufficient living and washing water.

Application Scope
The EYH series of Two Dimensional Mixer is applicable to mixing powdery and granular materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dye, fodder, and insecticide industries, large-tonnage (1,000L-10,000L) mixing, in particular.

At the same time of conveying, the mixing drum of the two dimensional mixer also swings for adequate mixing of the materials inside the drum. With helical blade mixing drum, the two dimensional mixer has the advantages of high mixing speed, large mixing volume, and easy discharging, etc. 

Two Dimensional Mixer

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