The LED industry has achieved fruitful results in the market in 2017.

As we all know, China's LED display industry currently accounts for almost half of the global total industry. From the perspective of the overall market volume and industrial maturity, China is a well-deserved king of the world's LED display industry. As we all know, China's LED display industry currently accounts for almost half of the global total industry. From the perspective of the overall market volume and industrial maturity, China is a well-deserved king of the world's LED display industry. In this era of new and ever-changing, every company is bravely moving forward to contribute its strength to the entire industry and to the entire human race. Let's take a look at the whole 2017 with Xiaobian. Time flies, unconsciously, 2017 is approaching the end, and the footsteps of 2018 are near. In the year to come, the LED display industry can't be changed, but various types of events are also emerging. From the beginning of the new year, chip makers have raised the price shocks to the industry, to the rising of raw materials, PCBs, wires, etc., and then to the environmental inspection, the dismantling of outdoor advertising screens, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and expansion of production. The heart of LED practitioners. Many small and medium-sized display companies are eager to survive in the fierce market competition, and listed companies are hard-working for performance and development. Whether it is earning money, or losing the book, it is not a simple tired word can be described, a bitter and bitter, for the helm of the various display companies, it should be the same as drinking water, cold and warm self-knowledge! But looking back over the past year, we were also pleasantly surprised to find that although 2017 is not easy, it is also fruitful. Under the background and general trend that the global economy continues to improve and China's economy is growing steadily, the achievements and progress made by the LED display industry are obvious to all. Whether it is technical process, product segmentation, diversification and diversification. And even the entire industry scale is moving in a gratifying direction. This year, small spacing continues to lead the industry development trend, transparent screens have begun to emerge, COB, Micro LED and other technologies continue to make breakthroughs, third-party equipment manufacturers are also unwilling to lag behind, control system upgrades, box power supply continues to introduce new 2017 China LED display Application Industry Overview In 2017, the LED display industry continued its growth trend last year, and the market scale continued to expand. From the beginning of the price increase of the upstream chip at the beginning of the year, throughout this year is a wave of price increases, and successive price increases have almost become the norm in the industry. This year, the small gap maintained the high growth trend of last year, and still penetrated the market with a growth rate of more than 50%; the scale of the transparent screen market has expanded compared with last year; the traditional conventional screen market is also in good condition, and some enterprises even restarted the switch. Screen production line. While China's LED display companies are deeply cultivating the domestic market, the efforts to expand the offshore market are constantly increasing. In general, the total output value of China's LED display industry in 2017 is estimated at 36.7 billion yuan, an increase of 3.2 billion yuan compared with last year. The annual industry growth rate is expected to reach 9.5%. In the domestic market, with the acceleration of urbanization construction, smart cities, night travel economy, etc., LED display applications have accelerated penetration into municipal engineering, and demand has increased significantly compared with the past. However, due to the influence of policies in the traditional outdoor large-screen field, some provinces and cities have reorganized the outdoor LED display, and the market has been affected. The LED display market has intensified its expansion from outdoor applications to indoor applications. The competition in the overseas market is fierce and increasingly hot. The reason is that more LED display companies have begun to set foot in overseas business this year. In response to the fierce overseas leasing market, some companies have gradually reduced or even abandoned the domestic market in the Red Sea, specializing in overseas markets. The overseas high-end market is still dominated by Europe and the United States, and is gradually expanding into emerging markets such as Russia and India. The Southeast Asian market has not changed much from previous years. In addition, along with the promotion of the Belt and Road, countries along the route have also become the key areas for display manufacturers. From the sales situation of major LED display companies in the first three quarters of this year, all listed companies in 2017 have achieved rapid growth, and most of the sales have increased significantly compared with previous years. Individual companies have even doubled, although The impact of price increases, but with the diversification of operations, the company still achieved high profit growth, such as Liard's first three quarters increased by 108.57%, Zhouming Technology also increased by 67.17%, and Lianjian Optoelectronics 33.59%. From the information released by major companies this year, small-pitch LED display has become a very important profit growth point for enterprises. The development of small pitches has also accelerated the influx of LED displays into the commercial display market. The transparent screen segment is also outstanding when small distances lead the industry to continue to grow. Benefiting from the advancement of technology and technology and the cultivation of the market in previous years, the transparent screen market began to gradually increase in 2017. Aiming at the development trend of this segment, the major listed companies in the industry have begun to lay out. Ai Bisen has invested in Jingjing and Zhouming to acquire Weiwei Technology. Other listed companies are also gearing up to the transparent screen market and actively preparing for intervention. There is still a change in the industry in 2017. LED display companies, especially the leading enterprises in the industry, have greatly changed their profit models, and are no longer limited to the sales of individual display products, but more and more. Integration into system engineering projects to achieve a bundled sales model. In other words, the profitability of LED display companies is becoming more and more diverse. LED middle and lower reaches to international first-class manufacturers November 20, 2017, the latest report released by the World Intellectual Property Organization shows that China's position in the global manufacturing value chain has steadily increased in recent years, and Chinese companies are gradually becoming high-tech add-ons. The value of the upstream producers. Japan, the United States, and Germany have long been leaders in the economy, but this situation has changed dramatically in recent years, especially as the high-tech value-added products and services provided by China have steadily increased, and Chinese companies are gradually turning to value. The upstream of the chain is close together. This change is also reflected in our LED display industry. At the beginning of China's LED industry, due to the late start, almost all technologies and equipment came from imports, but after so many years of catching up, today we can basically achieve self-sufficiency, regardless of technology or technology, now we have been international Advanced levels are in line, and some even lead the world. Upstream epitaxial chip manufacturers are on the upstream epitaxial chip end. In the past, display companies almost used chips from foreign manufacturers such as cree and Nichia, or lamp beads encapsulated in their chips. However, in recent years, along with domestic Sanan Optoelectronics and Huacan Optoelectronics With the rise of chip manufacturers, domestic display companies have begun to use a large number of domestic products. In 2017, with the changes in the supply and demand pattern of the industry, especially the downstream lighting demand and the outbreak of LED small-pitch screen market demand, the demand for upstream chips is in short supply. At the beginning of the year, Sanan Optoelectronics issued a price increase notice, which opened up the price increase of leading enterprises in the industry. Curtain. At the same time, due to the trend of LED chip industry, core manufacturers have expanded. For example, the domestic LED leading company Sanan Optoelectronics, the market is expected to expand to 450 MOCVD at the end of 2017, the annual expansion scale is about 40%, the capacity expansion rate is amazing. According to the Sanan plan, about 150 MOCVD machines will be purchased by 2018, and the global market share will increase to 22%. From the perspective of global chip supply and demand scale, domestic LED chip manufacturers have already occupied most of the global production capacity. At present, the top five manufacturers in the industry have occupied about 75% of the domestic market, while the global market share of domestic LED chip factories has reached 45%. The scale advantage of epitaxial chip enterprises has further emerged. The industry has entered a multi-oligarch monopoly situation. The market share of Sanan Optoelectronics and Huacan Optoelectronics continues to rise. In addition, some domestic chip factories began to adopt domestic MOCVD equipment in 2017, and the subsequent production costs will be More competitive, in this case, the concentration of the chip industry has reached an unprecedented height. According to relevant statistics, as early as 2015, the cumulative installed capacity of MOCVD machines in the world has reached 3,130 units, and the cumulative installed number in the mainland reached 1,473 units, accounting for 47% of the global total. Taiwan accounts for about 19% of the global total. The proportion is about 15%, and the proportion in South Korea is about 13%. The rise of Chinese chip makers has relatively squeezed the market of some foreign manufacturers. Foreign LED manufacturers, because the cost control is not as good as the Chinese chip companies, have handed over the chips to the domestic chip factory. At present, China has become the world's leading LED chip manufacturing base. With the expansion of the new machine, it is expected that the production capacity in China will exceed half of the global total in 2017.

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