The application of chlorophyll content meter can relieve food shortage in the north

In northern China, the emergence of wheat has eased local food shortages and has even become one of the important staple foods in the region. But in the process of planting wheat, nitrogen and wheat yield and quality is closely linked to the lack of nitrogen will lead to a sharp sharp drop in wheat production, and we can judge by the chlorophyll content of nitrogen in wheat growth process of a lack of status, It can then guide farmers to use nitrogen fertilizers. Some people may ask how to get the value of chlorophyll content? This requires the application of professional chlorophyll content meters.

Chlorophyll content meter

Chlorophyll content meter, as the name implies, is a plant physiological instrument for determining the relative amount of chlorophyll. In plant chlorophyll research work, we found that nitrogen is an important component of chlorophyll. It has a close correlation with chlorophyll content and plant growth status. When plants lack nitrogen, the amount of chlorophyll will be reduced, and leaf color will be reduced. Light greenish yellow, decreased photosynthesis, decreased photosynthetic products. When the supply of nitrogen is sufficient, the vegetative and leaf area of a€?a€?the crop increases, the chlorophyll content is relatively high, the leaf color is dark green, and the photosynthesis is vigorous. This has positive effects on improving the yield of crops and further improving the quality of the products. Role. Therefore, knowing the relative content of chlorophyll in plants, we can determine whether plants are deficient in nitrogen, and in the process of wheat cultivation, we can achieve the purpose of precise fertilization, which can increase wheat yield and quality.
Therefore, in northern China, many wheat growing areas use the chlorophyll content meter as an important auxiliary tool for wheat cultivation. By measuring the chlorophyll content of the plant through the chlorophyll content meter, farmers can reasonably apply nitrogen fertilizer, increase the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer, and increase wheat yield. quality. According to the current results of the application of some wheat fields, it was found that the chlorophyll content meter can also help reduce the nitrogen fertilizer use by 10% under the premise of ensuring that the crop yield does not decrease. This will not only increase the yield of crops but also reduce the amount of crops for growers. The production cost is a very good thing.

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