Smart Xichai made service accessible within 2018

In the era of mobile Internet, most of the traditional behaviors can now be accomplished by touching the screen with fingertips. The traditional after-sales service process that has been considered as a pain point for all truck end-users will be within easy reach of the smart Xichai client launched by the engine division of the FAW Liberation Business Division in the era of mobile Internet.

2015, FAW Business Division Engine Division first in the industry to launch a truck service for mobile clients - Xichai wisdom. After three years of product and service system improvement, on December 20, 2017, in the 2016-2017 annual service division of the engine division of the FAW Liberation Business Division, Smart Vicwood V3.0 was officially released.

2016-2017 FAW Liberation Business Division Engine Division Annual Service Conference 2016-2017 FAW Liberation Business Division Engine Division Annual Service Conference

Triggered by the rapid development of high efficiency

Smart Xichai is the engine division of the Liberation Liberation Division of FAW. With the increasing homogeneity of products in the industry, it has improved customer service awareness, created a service brand, and adhered to the meticulous service concept. It also built on the trend of the mobile Internet. The client can comprehensively and three-dimensionally enhance the service experience.

Compared with the 2.0 version, the Smart Xichai 3.0 upgrade version improves system usage and user habits. The product further scrutinizes the use process and the display interface. Users can use the client's corresponding function modules more proficiently and quickly.

Smart Xichai V3.0 officially released Smart Xichai V3.0 officially released

In the Smart Xichai 3.0 client, the one-click help service function will be displayed in a vivid and vivid manner. Enter this function module, the user can realize the helper service appointment with one key, and quickly issue a rescue application within 30 seconds. The current version 3.0 client supports voice, text, video, pictures and other forms of output rescue information. At the same time, the 400 service center will respond within 15 minutes, return customers within 30 minutes, and appoint professional and technical personnel on-site service, locate and track the completion of fault repair, the overall process in one go.

It is worth mentioning that during the entire maintenance process, the user can carry out full monitoring of maintenance through smart Xichai client. At the same time, the user can associate server faults, driver role circulation, maintenance technicians, service station administrators, and services at the touch of a button. Progress and other specific information, allowing users to understand the service process in real time to maximize the protection of user rights.

In addition to the conventional after-sales service process, Smart Xichai 3.0 also derived a number of service functions such as shopping malls, AR, and social networking platforms. Users can spend more money on smart Xican client spikes and grab red packets. In addition, the user can scan the products of the Xichai products to watch the products to fully interpret the videos so that the users can understand related products in the most simple and direct way. At the same time, users in the mall can realize the procurement of accessories and social communication, thereby promoting the derivative transformation of users.

Welcome new situation of after-sales service with new vitality

In October 2017, under the layout of the FAW Liberation Business Division, the former FAW Liberation Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory, Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., FAW Wuxi Oil Pump Meander Research Institute, Wuxi Dahao Power Co., Ltd. and FAW Commercial Vehicles Based on the Institute's engine development institute, the engine division of FAW Liberation Business Division was established. The adjustment of this step architecture not only enhances the overall R&D capability of FAW Liberation, but also provides a powerful guarantee for solving various problems.

In this service annual meeting, Qian Hengrong, party secretary and general manager of the Engine Division of FAW Liberation Business Division, said that in the past, users had purchased products and understood the service as a€?small giftsa€?. The core element of concern was the performance of the products. Services only exist with and without concepts. However, in recent years, with the fierce market competition, the market has gradually matured and the diversified technologies have been put on the line, which has made the after-sales, service, and market become the key areas for differentiated competition among major manufacturers. The service is good or not, direct The relationship with the user's viscosity, so we can not regard the service as an accessory, but to see it as an extension of the product is an important part of the product.

Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Engine Division of FAW Liberation Business Division Qian Hengrong

With the development of product technology and information technology and the mature use of Internet technology, the potential for after-sales service will be further released in the new situation. Qian Hengrong said, a€?The profit ratio of after-sales service in the US automobile market is about 57%, while the after-sales service profit of the Chinese auto market is between 30% and 40%. China still has great potential. At the same time, the manufacturing industry is in the aftermarket market. Better meet the needs of user customization and customization, and the service level is gradually becoming an important brand image. This is also the original intention and pillar of the engine division of the headquarters of the Liberation Liberation Enterprise.

a€?In the long run, failure analysis and troubleshooting of the system in advance is the trend of ensuring low failure rates. This has also become the only way for the development of the host plant in the new situation. For the preventive maintenance, the engine division of FAW Liberation Business Division. It is also exploring. This process will also require the entire group to cooperate and coordinate."

Five-star service station award Five-star service station award

In order to achieve a better linkage effect, the Engine Division of FAW Liberation Business Division will continue to establish a service command center and 6 service centers in 2018 to shorten the service time, maximize service impact capabilities, and achieve service response leadership. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the engine division of FAW Liberation Business Division plans to complete the landing of 30 service centers, and establish 1-2 core service stations in each prefecture-level city to ensure service linkage and smart Xichai client. The protection of rescue services.

Relying on the regional service center and command center, the engine division of the FAW Liberation Business Division will provide users with efficient and accurate services through linkage of service stations. In addition, the engine division of the FAW Liberation Business Division will also form a strategic alliance in the areas of network and accessories co-ordination by sharing information and sharing resources.

In 2018, it was the first year of the full operation of the engine division of the headquarters of the FAW Liberation Business. With new vitality standing at a new historical point in history, the engine division of the FAW Liberation Business Division was plugged into the wings of the Internet. Wise Xichai will allow more users. Enjoy service bonus!

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