Small school bus leading brand Wuling 19 school bus

Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. (currently Wuling Industrial Co., Ltd.) is a large-scale Sino-foreign joint venture established by Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong-listed company Wuling Automobile Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (HK0305).

The company adhering to the accumulated experience of automotive design and manufacturing accumulated in Liuzhou Wuling for the past three decades , relying on strong corporate strength, to create "Wuling" - the industry's famous brand.

Wuling School Bus is a company based on the profound understanding of the actual status quo of China's education , and creatively launches miniaturized special school buses in the Chinese market.

Product concept

"Applied, is the best!" is the company's product philosophy, the company is committed to creating a school bus suitable for China's national conditions, re-appropriate school bus classic, to a dedicated school bus is best presented!


Adapt to China's road characteristics - narrow

Adapting to the characteristics of living in China - scattered

"meets the"

Comply with national safety regulations and standards

Meet the schoolchildren's "aesthetic characteristics"


Integrated Development Design - Worry-free Service

Humanized design - one step in place

Operational management costs the lowest consumption



Economic and practical

Qiao : Small and flexible, in line with national conditions.

a€¢ The car body is small and flexible. It can freely shuttle and turn around on narrow urban roads, town roads, and village mud roads to improve the road's adaptability.

a€¢ The control system is smart, easy and convenient.

a€¢ To meet the needs of China's national conditions, to meet the needs of urban-rural differences, differences in things, the subjects of education and individual needs, and to provide differentiated and individualized shuttle programs.

Fast : fast return cycle

a€¢ Best price/performance ratio, quick return, short investment cycle.

a€¢ The number of occupants in the same model can reach 19 people and the return on investment is considerable.

Province : save money, save time, worry,

a€¢ Liuji LJ475 series engine, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers does not exceed 11L; the power is stronger, the fuel consumption is low, and the economy saves money.

a€¢ Liuji LJ475 series engines have lower maintenance costs than State III diesel engines. Wuling Service Stations all over the country make maintenance more convenient and accessories get more convenient.

a€¢ The B1 driver's license can be driven, with a wide selection of options. Drivers can choose to lower the threshold and the cost can be reduced by more than half.

?·Safe and reliable

Long head body design

a€¢ The bold innovation of the Wuling school bus on the placement of the engine makes the school bus a€?look likea€? not only lively and lovely, but also conforms to the preferences of infant school children and greatly improves the safety of the vehicle.

a€¢ The long head body design maximizes impact energy absorption in the event of a frontal collision with the vehicle, effectively enhances the safety performance of the school bus and protects the safety of drivers and infant schoolchildren.

Fully Loaded Body - Cage Body Design

a€¢ Using cage body structure design, CAE simulation analysis of the vehicle body in multiple conditions ensures that the lightweight body structure has higher reliability and safety.

a€¢ The upper body adopts a closed-ring skeletal structure to ensure that the occupants have sufficient living space when tumbling.


School bus safety logo

a€¢ The yellow and green fluorescent reflective contour strips and the school bus logo are placed on the body of Wuling's special school bus. Special attention will be given to the surrounding vehicles and a a€?protective vesta€? will be worn for the school bus.

360?° no blind spot design

a€¢ The drivera€?s field of vision 360?° has no blind spot design, which ensures that the driver can observe all the conditions around the car at any time and avoid the safety accidents of early childhood students caused by the observation blind spot.

Emergency escape device

a€¢ Equipped with a safety escape door, safety glass and safety hammer, it provides absolutely safe protection for the safety of children in school.

GPS driving recorder

Wulinga€?s special school bus has installed a driving recorder to record and store the school busa€?s driving speed, time, mileage, and other status information about the vehiclea€?s travel. It can also realize data output through the interface and provide effective tracking for the safe driving of the school bus. Driving conditions are under control

Under closed, push-pull windows

a€¢ The lower closed windows can avoid the danger of secondary school children opening the windows when driving.

a€¢ The upper push-pull window can meet the ventilation requirements in the vehicle and ensure the fresh air circulation in the vehicle.

Soften armrests and seat belts

a€¢ The armrests of the seats are wrapped in soft materials to prevent infantile schoolchildren from being accidentally injured.

a€¢ All seats are equipped with safety belts, personal care, to ensure the safety of children in kindergarten.

Professional school bus seat

a€¢ Existing passenger car seats are generally designed according to the standards of adults. Wuling's special school bus seats are tailored to meet the physical characteristics of school-age children.

a€¢ Wuling special school bus seat, in line with national standards, professional, safe and reliable!

?·Beautiful appearance

a€¢ Engineering bionic appearance, fashion, novelty, plus playful "front face", dynamic and lively cartoon interior, giving a lovely, lively impression.

?· Comfortable ride

a€¢ In the same model, Wuling Dedicated School Bus pioneered a two-step design, making it easy to get on and off!

a€¢ One step height a‰¤ 340mm, two step height a‰¤ 170mm, based on the ergonomic experience of the value, to meet the needs of early childhood schoolchildren convenient, smooth, secure, comfortable school bus.

Full Independent Suspension

The use of a car-type chassis, enhanced four-wheel full independent suspension , the country's first product of its own independent suspension configuration, not only has a solid and strong body, but also has close to the passenger car ride comfort, significantly improve the comfort of the vehicle.

Insulation noise reduction

a€¢ Fully guarantee the tightness inside Wuling school bus, isolate noise outside the car into the car through holes and seams.

a€¢ Design a whole block of heat-insulating sound-absorbing pads on both sides of the front bulkhead to reduce engine noise and heat transfer into the vehicle.

a€¢ Wuling School Bus uses interior materials with good sound-absorbing properties. Large-area sound-absorbing sponges are placed on the invisible parts between the front bulkhead and the instrument panel; heat-insulating sound-absorbing materials are injected into the ceiling and side wall inner liners A good sound-absorbing environment.

?·Manual operation

Human-machine interface shift mechanism

Using ergonomic engineering , the operating mechanism is arranged according to the human comfort value, the gear position is set reasonably, the gear arrangement is scientific, the internal mechanism cooperates with high precision, and the shift operation is smooth and easy to handle. Effortless operation is not tired

Short front suspension design

a€¢ Using finite element engineering analysis and kinematics simulation analysis, Wuling Dedicated School Bus has the smallest front suspension length in its class, the front suspension length is 825mm, and the relevant competing products are all a‰¥900mm;

a€¢ Short front suspension design makes it easy and convenient for the driver to operate the steering.

a€¢ Short front suspension design, balanced front and rear axle load distribution, effectively avoiding uneven wear on the tire.

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