Production mine dust prevention measures

1. The operating unit shall strengthen the dust detection and prevention work, formulate occupational hazard prevention measures, provide employees with labor protection products and labor protection facilities that meet the standards, and guide and supervise their correct use.

2. The mine must have a complete dust-proof water supply system that must operate effectively. Implement dust reduction.

3. Take personal protective measures for personnel exposed to dust, and use protective dust masks for protective equipment.

4. The enterprise establishes and improves the detection and evaluation system for occupational disease hazards in the workplace.

5. Workers engaged in occupational hazards should be regularly inspected for health.

6, coal mining enterprise security technology management departments should grasp the underground coal dust generated dust location data, establish workplace dust concentration case file, for personnel engaged in underground work, health workers should be established archives, regular medical examinations.

7. The production of mines should be actively used with water cannon mud. Before and after blasting, the surface of the road should be flushed, and the dust should be sprayed to reduce dust and coal (rock).

Metallized Ceramic Tube

The main difference of metallized ceramic tube than regular ones is the applied metal layer on the appointed area of ceramic body. With the applied metal layer on the surface, it can realize the bonding aim between the ceramic tube to metal, ceramic tube to ceramic tube. The metal film will be attached on ceramic parts tightly under high temperature cure. Then the Ceramic Tubes could be brazed with kovar, stainless steel parts together directly.
In order to increase the wettability at brazing process, in common case, an additional metal plating will be covered on metallization layer further, mainly including nickle plating, gold plating and so on.
In the recent market, alumina metallized ceramic tube is one of most extensive technical parts. They are features of high bonding strength, excellent electrical insulation and mechanical strength.
Sometimes, high precision dimensions is needed to cater to the fitting purpose. With our in-house machining workshop, we are able to make the dimensional tolerance as expected according to customers' specification.

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