Pre-sale orders exceeded 2,000 in the first month. What made Jiangling Teshun win customers' trust?

Pre-sale orders for more than 2,000 vehicles, this is Jiangling Teshun's first month of pre-sale results; this figure is also a blockbuster in the domestic European light passenger market. According to the statistics of "The First Commercial Vehicle Network", in January and February of this year, the number of domestic European light passengers sold in the fourth month combined was 997 units.

Jiangling Teshun into the "bright color" in the Red Sea
Since last year, China's European light passenger market has become the Red Sea in the Red Sea. Not only does overall sales decline, but more and more companies and brands are entering. According to statistics from a€?Tiga Trucking Peoplea€?, as of February this year, the number of brands entering the European light passenger market has reached more than a dozen.

As the first independent light passenger brand launched by Jiangling Motors, on March 20th this year, Teshun officially announced the pre-sale price of 106.80 million for the mainstream short-axis models in the mainstream models, and officially accepted the booking, as of April 20th. Shun sales have exceeded 2,000 units.
A new car has to undergo a long process from being recognized, recognized, and recognized by the outside world. In the past ten years, the number of new European light bus brands that have entered the market in China has reached 1,000 units, and the fastest one has taken two years. Jiangling Teshuna€?s pre-sale performance, which is so dazzling, has become the only bright spot in the short-term in the Red Sea market.
Why is the new brand so appealing in the Red Sea?
As one of the best dealers for pre-sale of Jiangling Teshun, Liu Ping, the general manager of Shanghai Keda Automotive, concluded that the main factors for Teshun to win orders from customers were: Jianglinga€?s over 20 years of commercial vehicle R&D, manufacturing and sales experience won the usera€?s response to Jiangling. The trust of the brand; Teshun's powerful configuration has been recognized by the user after the pre-sale price was announced; Jiangling's strong after-sales service network that has ploughed into the commercial vehicle market for more than 20 years throughout the country has increased the user's confidence.
Liu Ping said that although Jiangling Teshun has not yet gone public, the prototype has been satisfied with the power, safety, configuration, and space of Jiangling Teshun after the prototype has arrived. In particular, many users have expressed the airbags of the main and co-pilots on mainstream models. Awesome, this is the first time in the market of light passengers. Main and side airbags of other mainstream brands have always been matching projects.

At present, Jiangling Teshun is still in pre-sale throughout the country, Liu Ping said that by April 30 pre-sale period introduced Jiangling Teshun's pre-sale orders in the country is certainly far more than 2,000 units, a state of hard to find a car will be For a certain period of time, Jiangling Teshuna€?s final listing performance is full of expectations.
Listed "newbies" are frequently attacked by a certain counterparty.
Mr. Wanga€?s experience from Shanghai may be representative. He stated that as an inter-city logistics manager, his companya€?s existing Jiangling Commercial Vehicles and a few other brands of logistics vehicles are designed to facilitate Transportation, this year is preparing to add two more logistics vehicles. He originally had seen two cars of a certain brand, and the other party has made great offers in terms of price. However, Teshun chose Teshun after he started pre-sale. After all, Jiangling's commercial vehicle quality and service have always been satisfactory.
After knowing that the dealer's manager of that brand came to visit his company, he sent him a dozen pages of defamatory special messages, such as: Teshun wants to add urea, which is a fake country, and may affect the licensing; Teshun It was the truck that changed it, and it used the gearbox and chassis of Jiangling Light Truck. The engine of Teshun used more than ten years of old engine...

Mr. Wang was indeed affected, but he was an old driver. After detailedly explaining various technical indicators of Bitsun and asking other logistics colleagues, he had his own opinion: Many international commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Daimler Le Tour detroit, Volvo, Cummins, etc., also follow the SCR technology upgrade route to reach the Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards. He personally believes that as long as it complies with national policies, there is no such thing as true or false five; in addition, the Great Wall is inquired through the Internet. , Foton, Jianghuai, Cummins, Yunnei and other domestic and foreign diesel engine 80-90% of the manufacturers also use the SCR technology route, because the SCR technology route for the customer fuel-efficient considerations, and easy maintenance, the diesel quality requirements are not high.
His friends and colleagues also stated that adding urea really saves fuel, and even if you use SCR, even if you add urea, the cost of use is still about 10% lower. However, the fact that it was almost purchased by a certain manufacturer to discredit malicious tactics, and even the apparent infantry exaggeration of the urea system's weight gain of 200KG was irritating. It happened that a technical analysis article of WeChat dispelled his last doubt.

However, this kind of attack is not just an offline shop. On the Internet, Teshun has already received more attacks. Not only is it on the Internet forums, but even every report involving Teshun has been attacked by a naval special organization. Sexual comments.
An anonymous media source analyzed: As a newly-launched "new" brand, Teshun was attacked and described Teshun's products as very successful. This is a natural result of Jiangling Group's deep cultivation in the field of commercial vehicles for several decades. . On the other hand, it also shows that this market competition is really fierce, and Teshun has already threatened the sales of some of its peer brands in the market. This a€?smearinga€? approach may have a little effect for a short time. After all, not every user understands the car so well. However, in the long run, if you do not pay attention to the promotion of your own products but focus too much on your opponenta€?s business, it will be difficult to get the final choice of the user.

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