New Mechatronics Technology of High Power Thick Coal Seam Electric Haulage Shearer at Home and Abroad

1. Overall technology. Eickhoff SL500 foreign companies mining coal truncated series high-range 2.0 ~ 6.0m, cutting power of up to 2 ?— 825kW, the total installed power of 1965kW; JOY 7LS5 miner's high-range 2.0 ~ 4.8m, cutting up The power is 2?—750kW, and the total installed power is 1860kW. There are 6 sets of 6LS3, 6LS5 and 7LS5, 3 sets of SL500 and 1 set of EL3000. The maximum installed power is 1860kW; the maximum cut height is 5.5m. The domestically produced maximum is 1200kW and 4.9m. In the research MG750/1820-GWD is 1820kW, 5.5m, the main parameters will reach the current world advanced level; important shells for finite element analysis; bearings, gears designed according to 10,000 hours; the gap is mainly in reliability and service life.

2. AC variable frequency electric traction technology. JOY traction power has reached 2 ?— 110kW, Eickhoff has reached 2 ?— 90kW. The domestic maximum is 2?—55kW, and it is under research 2?—90kW. The automatic speed regulation technology of AC frequency conversion electric traction shearer at home and abroad is now quite mature. Shanghai began to develop AC variable frequency electric traction shearer in 1986, which is the second in the world. At present, China's energy-return type four-quadrant operation of AC variable frequency electric traction shearer technology is the world leader.

3. Working condition detection and fault diagnosis technology. At present, the gap is large: foreign computer control; many sensors, large amount of information, large display screen, display points; digital and curve display; recording and remote transmission of working data and fault information. The dedicated embedded computer control system in the research coal mining machine will reach the world advanced level: the power and temperature of the motor and the variable frequency speed control box, the oil temperature of the gearbox, the pressure and temperature of the hydraulic system, the pressure and flow of the cooling system, and the protection. Constant power control and automatic speed control, memory cutting and zone speed control, multi-point operation and display, data storage, remote communication and centralized control.

4. Automatic height adjustment technology. The memory cutting technology based on position sensor and computer is relatively easy to implement. The imported SL500 shearer is equipped with sensors such as shearer position, synchronous position, longitudinal and lateral tilt of the fuselage, cylinder, arc-shaped baffle position, etc. Cut and fixed cut height for cutting functions. In the 1980s, China National Mining University conducted experiments on the ground. In the research coal mining machine will achieve memory cutting.

5. Remote communication and centralized control technology. The SL500 shearer is connected to the centralized control station via the power supply cable. The centralized control station of the trough is connected with the coal mining machine, the hydraulic support control system, the working surface conveyor and the transfer machine. The relay station can be connected to a terrestrial data converter with a distance greater than 5 km. Remote communication and centralized monitoring of work surface equipment and equipment along the ground can be realized in the centralized control station and the ground. The domestic coal mining machine will have remote communication and centralized control functions.

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