Mercury ore re-election

After the ore is rod milled to -2~-3mm, it is sent directly to the shaker for rough selection. The rough sand obtained by rough selection is sent to the shaker for cinnabar product selection. The cinnabar foot of the selected shaker can be floated. concentrate combined mercury into the furnace to produce metallic mercury, and reselected after milling tailings are sent to flotation, the concentrate smelting furnace mercury selected. The yield of cinnabar in re-election operation fluctuated by 20%~60% according to the metal mercury in the ore, the total recovery of re-election flotation was 95%, and the discarded tailings contained less than 0.01% of mercury. When the ore contains high levels of natural mercury, it can be treated with a natural mercury trap (below) before or during flotation to recover part of the natural mercury.
Natural mercury trap

 In strict accordance with ISO 9001:20015 and Jis Flanges;
    1.Make process card and quality plan
    2.Choose the qualified raw material and do incoming test, not allowed      
     nonconforming material to enter into production process;
    3.Producing and testing followed the quality documents 
    4.Be good at Quality records and product identification to ensure the product 
    5.Do the final inspection to ensure 100% of pass.

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