Hitachi Construction Machinery launches new ZX75US tailless excavator

The ZX75US medium-sized tailless excavator in the newly launched Zaxis series of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has a working quality of 8035kg, equipped with a 54hp engine, a standard bucket capacity of 0.28m3 and a traction force of 5600kg.

The new model is equipped with Hitachi HIOS engine/hydraulic system to optimize and adjust power output and balance hydraulic system pressure and flow, saving energy while increasing equipment productivity.

The new range of excavator control systems uses a single mode of operation to increase driver efficiency, and the excavation mode is suitable for working in a variety of different operating conditions. The ZX75US is a versatile device with powerful output power combined with an advanced hydraulic system that can be equipped with a variety of work devices. The tailless rotation makes this model suitable for more work areas.

Like the other models in the Zaxis series, the ZX75US is exceptionally maintenance and durability, including 500 hours of oil change, 4000 hours of hydraulic oil change, reinforced metal bushings, arm tungsten coating, and other anti-corrosion coatings. Layers and lubrication systems for easy maintenance and more.

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