Anhui Provincial Institute of Metrology In 2020, 9 scientific research projects were approved

[ Instrument R & D of Instrument Network ] Recently, the Anhui Institute of Metrology held a review meeting for the establishment of the Institute a€?s scientific research projects in 2020, and reviewed the scientific research projects declared by the institutes. The leaders of the institute, some members of the technical committee, and the person in charge of each project attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dean Wu Anping.
Heads of 9 projects from 6 institutes of the whole hospital He made a report and accepted the inquiry of the judges.
The members of the Science and Technology Committee made inquiries and demonstrations on the feasibility, technical route, and expected contribution of the project in light of the actual situation of the hospital, and gave suggestions for modification and comprehensive evaluation. a€?,a€? Research on Open Channel Flowmeter Testing Methods and Testing Devices a€?and other 9 projects were approved. The person in charge of each project signs the mission statement of the institute's scientific research project and executes it according to the mission statement.
In recent years, the Anhui Institute of Metrology has continuously strengthened the horizontal cooperation of scientific research, increased investment in scientific research funds, and furthered the quality and quantity of scientific research work; attached importance to the construction of talent teams, improved the talent training mechanism, standardized the scientific research management process, and improved various supporting facilities Facilities, establish a good scientific research platform with universities of China University of Science and Technology, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei College and some measurement equipment manufacturing enterprises in Anhui, and build a scientific research environment conducive to talent development.

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