2018 The 10th Global Automotive Industry Summit Highlights

On April 26th, the 2018th 10th Global Automotive Industry Summit was held in Beijing. The theme of this forum was a€?Innovation Technology Leads the Future of Industrya€?. It attracted many leaders of the automotive industry leading entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and associations to gather in Beijing. Explore the hot topics of the automotive industry and hot technologies under the influence of smart grid-connected, new energy, lightweight, and smart manufacturing, and promote the sustainable development of the automotive industry. The following are some of the distinguished views of the guests in this forum and share with you!

1. Li Qingwen, Director of Automotive Evaluation Institute : Seeing the Car with New Vision, New Vision, New Ideas, and New Ideas


Li Qingwen, Director of Automotive Evaluation Institute

Today's global auto industry, especially the Chinese auto industry, has always been the carrier of the new technology revolution and industrial revolution, and is a powerful driving force for the new industrial revolution and technological revolution. The development of new energy vehicles is an inevitable stage for the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese automobile industry. The development of smart cars is a new and wisest strategic choice made by the Chinese automobile industry.

2. Fu Yuwu, Honorary Chairman of the China Association of Automobile Engineers : Automobile JV shares are more likely to be released than Chinese brands


Honorary Chairman of China Automobile Engineering Society and Chairman of China Automotive Talent Research Association Fu Yuwu

What is the impact of the shares on the market? I think it will profoundly affect the pattern of China's auto industry. This is beyond doubt. With the stock ratio liberalized, Chinese auto companies will face more intense and full market competition. China's own brands will only become more aggressive and more aggressive. I think this is not terrible. If you are not strong, what benefits does protection have? If you are strong and have enough core competitiveness, what's the fear of competition? So I think the stock ratio is not a negative sound, but it will motivate auto companies to continue to innovate.

3. Geely Automobile CEO Zhou Xiaoyi: What impact did the new car forces exert on the auto industry?


Gasgoo CEO Zhou Xiaoyi

First, let cars from the relatively closed, simple manufacturing into an ecosystem, we no longer only think of manufacturing itself, but began to think about how to build a circle of resources. In the past two years, many traditional OEMs and component companies have participated in each other's shareholding and formed strategic alliances in their businesses, forming a vertical and horizontal framework instead of individual combat operations.

Second, let automotive manufacturers attach great importance to user experience. The main task of the original OEM may be to build the product and then sell it in the 4S shop. Now almost all OEMs are talking about users. They must know what the user is thinking and how to improve the user experience and user experience. Upgrade to reengineering the entire business process. This kind of change is huge, which means that the OEM has transformed from the original egoism into the market and customer-centered. I think this should have been the power enjoyed by consumers. I am very pleased that the new car forces have brought us to awaken.

Third, where is the impact of new carmakers on the industry? I think that suddenly it made everyone realize how enormous and terrible the power of capital and technology is. Of course, they also let many traditional automakers finally have the opportunity to evolve into a composite talent. For example, if a car is built now, the boss must understand not only the car, but also the financing, and the scale of financing is basically more than 20 billion yuan. Otherwise, he can't play, and he must understand the speech. Traditional engineers are slowly evolving, learning from cross-border knowledge, gradually expanding from the past single-point skills to truly complex talents, which is a very good thing for the evolution of the entire industry.

4. Zhang Jun , Special Assistant Chairman of the Automotive Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade : Intelligent, Networked, and Electric Vehicles Reshaping the Competitive Landscape of the Industry


Assistant Director of the Special Branch of the Automotive Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Zhang Jun

The traditional automotive industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Great industrial changes have given birth to new automotive civilization and ideas. Internet car, smart driving, and intelligent manufacturing are the directions we can foresee and the development of the automobile industry in the future. The theme of this year's Beijing Auto Show is: define the new life of automobiles. The intelligence, networking, and electrification of automobiles have changed from concepts to practical applications. The new competitive landscape has been completely reshaped.

5, Xu Changming, deputy director of the State Information Center: China will lead the future development trend of automobile industry


Xu Changming, Deputy Director of the National Information Center

On the future development of the market: I think we will focus on new energy vehicles. This strategy should be adjusted slightly. No matter what measures, as long as they can save fuel, they should all be encouraged. For new energy vehicles, in the future, if there is a good case, the competitiveness of new energy vehicles will be much higher than traditional cars, because the traditional fuel vehicles, in the above license, the national card is very dead, while the new energy car license policy will be relatively Loose, so that market competition will be more intense.

With regard to the a€?new four modernizationsa€? of automobiles: In the future, China must lead the development of the automotive industry. The world will look at the policies of the Chinese government. Major companies will also look at Chinaa€?s policies. In the future, it must be the integration of other countries into China. It used to be that we were integrated into the world. Under the a€?new four modernizationsa€? transformation, the world will integrate into China. Whoever does not melt will be greatly affected.

6. Liu Zongxi , Associate Researcher, Institute of Automobile Industry and Technology , Tsinghua University : Intelligently provides a new possibility for achieving higher levels of lean manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing is the strategic commanding height in the future.


Liu Zongxi, Associate Researcher, Institute of Automotive Industry and Technology, Tsinghua University

How does the auto industry practice "Made in China 2025"? The core idea is: gather points into lines and connect lines into faces. In the process of smart manufacturing, every company must think about, make decisions, and locate product features. Think first, think clearly, act immediately afterwards, and unwaveringly start the transformation journey. In this process, we must consider the full interconnection conditions to think about where their own values a€?a€?are, and then design their own intelligent manufacturing technology upgrade routes according to their own conditions. It should be noted that comprehensive digitalization is the core and controlling data is the key.

If you want to reengineer processes and systems based on new models, new capabilities, and new requirements, don't think that you have a system, not that. Now is the era of change. Enterprises should think about what kind of new business models can be built based on data if they have data. What new processes and systems are needed for new business models. Continuously transform and eventually realize the personality of products and services. , data, reduce costs, improve efficiency.

To improve overall data management and control capabilities, because data can generate value. How to provide? For example, all kinds of production equipment and auxiliary equipment are connected together, and through the data information management system, the information generated by these equipment is stored, including the technical database, supplier database, cost database, etc. The multi-dimensional database, to open these information, take an optimal value, it is very close to intelligent manufacturing.

The realization of intelligent manufacturing must be a long-term and gradual process, and it will inevitably be accompanied by great difficulties. Therefore, enterprises must make full mental preparations. Faced with this situation, enterprises must do a top-level design, not be remorseless, not hesitate, active and orderly actions, and grasp strategic opportunities. Finally, as long as there are several companies that have achieved intelligent manufacturing, they will also realize China-made 2025.

7, Deputy General Manager of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Zhou Zhou: the development of new energy vehicles is the only way


China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Zhou Zhou

Under the current situation, the goal of automotive electrification is clear, and development is undoubted, but it will take some time before the transition to an ideal level. In this process, on the one hand, the application of energy-saving technologies on traditional fuel vehicles can be increased, and the development of energy-saving technologies and the application of energy-saving vehicles can be promoted. On the other hand, the unremittingly rapid development of new energy vehicles will focus on solving the bottlenecks that constrain the development of new energy vehicles, such as batteries, costs, and policies, so that the entire electric vehicles and new energy vehicles will develop in a rapid, steady and healthy direction. .

8. Yang Diange, Director of Department of Automotive Engineering at Tsinghua University : There is no shortcut to the development of the automotive industry


Professor Yang Diange, Director of Department of Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University

For us, in fact, it has not been very much in favor of the sentence: After the arrival of new energy vehicles or a€?new four modernizationsa€?, the Chinese automobile industry will achieve a curve overtaking. We believe that there is no short cut to the development of the automobile industry, and there is no such thing as "curve crossing." The emergence of new energy vehicles and smart cars, to a certain extent, is equivalent to opening a new runway for us on the basis of the development of traditional automobiles. On these two tracks, there are many technologies in China that are not yet mature. Big companies are not mature in this area. For example, as mentioned earlier, the technical difficulties in the development of autonomous driving, such as automotive hardware and software architecture, computing platforms, perception capabilities, decision-making capabilities, automated driving maps, and information security, are not only the problems faced by the Chinese automotive industry, but also global The problems facing the automotive industry are difficult for everyone. It is precisely because there are difficulties. We can only stand on the same starting line and give us the opportunity to compete. Let us make a difference when the a€?new four modernizationsa€? approach, and we believe that we will certainly be able to As!

9. Burkhard Huhnke, Vice President of Automotive Strategy at Synopsys : Co-design of hardware and software to accelerate new developments in automotive R&D


Synopsys Vice President of Automotive Strategy, Burkhard Huhnke

In the future, we can actually use a€?a computer with four wheelsa€? to describe our car. We must constantly upgrade the system and its functions, and at the same time we must collect data. It is not possible to design with only a single car data. We must learn through a lot of data, and develop new features, so functional security, network security is very critical. Now that the complexity of the environment is getting higher and higher, all sensors must be interconnected and the car's architecture needs to be interconnected.

10, China Automotive Technology Research Center , Harbin : There are six major contradictions in the development of smart cars


China Automotive Technology and Research Center, Intelligent Vehicle Research Office and Automotive Software Evaluation Center Engineer Herr Yan

At present, the development of smart cars in China faces six major contradictions:

First, the contradiction between the ever-increasing level of self-driving technology and the delay in the construction of transportation infrastructure, because self-driving cars cannot be tested on the road in the country. In the past, for quite a long time, the self-driving car and the road have been coordinated. Can only stay in the demonstration area.

Secondly, the contradiction between the increasingly accelerated demand for on-the-spot testing and the system of regulatory standards is not yet perfect. In particular, the automatic driving class test and the road test entry exam are urgently required to be put on the agenda.

Third, the growing contradiction between the strength of social capital and the slow pace of R&D of core technologies, that is, technological breakthroughs cannot keep pace with the growth of capital.

Fourth, the contradiction between the accelerating mass production landing speed and the lack of cross-border integration in the industry, such as in some industry standards, has not yet been unified.

Fifth, the contradiction between the growing demand for travel markets and the lack of high-tech innovation capabilities.

Sixth, the ever-rising contradiction between the speed of industrial development and the lack of talented people in intelligent vehicle training, especially the extremely outstanding professional talents, there is still a large gap. Everyone is robbing talents in this area.

11. Jia Zhipeng, Vice President of Horizon Government Relations : 70% of automotive innovations in the future will be based on automotive electronics. The autopilot processor based on artificial intelligence will become the brain of self-driving cars.


Jia Zhipeng, Vice President of Horizon Government Relations

As an artificial intelligence enterprise, there must be a good algorithm. This is the intellectual property and core competitiveness of the enterprise. At the same time, a large amount of data is required to train the algorithm so that the algorithm is iterative and perfect. Especially for autopilot, it is very important to have test data sets that adapt to different scenarios. For example, in highways, urban environments, and rural environments, because the models of autopilot algorithms are not exactly the same, different calculation strategies are needed.

As far as computing is concerned, as the computing power of the bearing algorithm and data, that is, the chip, it is very critical. It is the most basic computing resource for the auto-driving and even artificial intelligence industry, and is closely related to national strategies such as independent innovation and information security. We predict that by the time of the Internet of Everything, there will certainly be a new batch of artificial intelligence chip companies to seize opportunities, of which autopilot chips and autopilot processors will be the key directions.

12. Zhao Yi , deputy general manager of the divisiona€?s smart car division, uses the artificial intelligence technology to empower the automotive industry chain


Kunyi, Deputy General Manager, Division of Intelligent Automotive Division, HKUST

As a leading company in the field of artificial intelligence in China, HKUST has a lot of core resources. With these resources, as well as the proprietary content services of the auto industry and the resources of automobile manufacturers, HKUST hopes to provide better service to end users and OEM customers. . First of all, in terms of end customers, HKUST hopes to use artificial intelligence technology in the field of car building and car use. This will allow drivers to interact more emotionally with the car while driving, making the entire driving process more enjoyable and safe. Then worry about vehicle maintenance.

Secondly, as far as depot customers are concerned, HKUST hopes to help depots or customers to make their car sales advertisements more accurate. It can directly target the core population and target population to make sales more efficient. At the same time, 4S stores will no longer have headaches. Loss of sales consultants. Based on artificial intelligence technology, HKUST can help car companies set aside all the good sales experience of sales consultants and develop a better evaluation system and training system for sales consultants to make their sales more accurate. The owner's after-sales service is more targeted.

13. Beijing Automotive Jiaqing (Chongqing) Research Institute of New Energy Automobile Technology Zhan: Compared with the release of automobile joint ventures, vehicle companies with core technology and innovative spirit will lead the development of China's automobile industry.


Beiqi Jiaqing (Chongqing) New Energy Automotive Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. Dean Zhan Articles

The development of new energy vehicles in China is irreversible. The application of infrastructure and construction of the new energy automobile industry chain from raw materials and core components to the vehicle market has a very large space in China. China is also moving in this direction. In the development process of China's new energy automotive industry from big to strong, it carries many contents such as electric drive, intelligent driving, sharing applications, and networked services, and eventually China will lead the development direction of new energy vehicles. world.

However, prior to this, a series of innovations are needed, including process innovation, technological innovation, core component innovation, etc., so that a series of environmentally-friendly content such as friendly emissions, electronics, and intelligence can be found on new energy vehicles. Get better performance.

14. Chen Ping, Vice President of Beijing New Energy Research Institute of Beijing Automotive Industry Group Co., Ltd.: The market mechanism will become the main factor driving the new energy automobile industry in the future.


Bei Ping Group, vice president of New Technology Research Institute Chen Ping

The development of electric vehicles in China has been around for nearly a decade now. Now that there has been a lot of changes, both the strategic positioning of the country and the support of policies and regulations have undergone great changes. From the perspective of the global market, the entire situation is changing, especially in China. From the past, relying on subsidies, relying on government support, and demonstration operations to promote the market, it has gradually changed to rely on real product forces to compete, especially after 2020. It means that the market mechanism will become the main factor driving the industry in the future.

15. Chen Wenqiang , Assistant to General Manager of Fudan Yundu New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd .: Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Emerging New Energy Manufacturers


Fu Wenqi, General Manager Assistant, Yundu New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. Chen Wenqiang

China's development of new energy vehicles, on the one hand, will also improve the situation of traditional automobiles and use the opportunities for the development of new energy vehicles to solve the problem of the large but not strong Chinese auto industry. In addition, the development of new energy vehicles is also an effective way to solve social issues such as energy crisis and environmental pollution. Including the emergence of new business models and changes in consumer attitudes also provide opportunities for the development of new energy vehicles.

However, as far as new car forces are concerned, the current challenges are also obvious. From the inside of the company, first, the technical challenges, we all know that any technology can not be established overnight, but it takes time to precipitate, then for the new car, how to establish a more solid technology platform, let the technology go Faster is a big challenge. Second, the financial issue, after all, the auto industry is very burning money, there is not enough financial support, it is difficult to sustain. Third, the talent problem is that almost all of China's auto industry is now occupying talents. Every enterprise is digging talents. Everyone is facing a shortage of talent.

From the outside of the company, there are also three major challenges: First, the supply chain challenges, there are many companies that build cars, there are many suppliers, and there are not many truly good suppliers. Everyone is seizing good supplier resources. In particular, internationally large brand suppliers are basically in short supply. Second, policy challenges, due to unclear policies, such as how to supplement subsidies, how to do the points, how to control the back, will affect the company's every move, if the prediction is right to nothing, once the policy goes wrong, may produce The bigger problem. Third, market challenges, such as whether they are taking the low-end route or the high-end route, are the current status of users. What are the current status of the domestic and foreign markets? All need new vehicle manufacturers to constantly explore and explore the survival rules. Better respond to various challenges.

16. Qu Wei, Vice President of Complementary Technology, China's District Vehicles , Johnson Controls Energy Power Business, is not a disruptive technology, but an imported technology.


Johnson Controls Energy Power Business China Vehicle Compatible Technical Director Qu Wei

At present, the 48-volt system still stays at the P0 stage, but we have been developing P2 systems with major domestic and foreign major OEMs, and even the development of P3 and P4. With the P2, P3, and P4 systems, what can we bring? The value of the increase? As you can see, with P2, P3, and P4, more features that can provide consumers with a driving experience boost will be added, including vector control of torque and precise allocation of torque between the front drive and rear drive. And even the torque vector distribution on both sides. If the P4 architecture, we can also reach a certain degree of the four-wheel drive system, so the 48 volt to meet the power load, in the subsequent development of continuity have advantages, although this technology is energy-saving emission reduction technology, but there is a very Long development path. We heard a lot of voices saying that 48-volt technology is more of a short-term and transitional technology. If everyone looks at the two points I just mentioned, we can see that 48-volt technology must be very Long, long slopes allow everyone to continue to explore its potential.

17. Cao Du, Deputy General Manager of Changchun Yingli Automobile Industry Co., Ltd .: The Revolution of Process and Material Science in the Next 3-5 Years


Cao Du, Deputy General Manager of Changchun Yingli Automobile Industry Co., Ltd.

Three or four years ago, we were talking about the future direction of development must be the integration of a variety of materials, is to use the right material in the right place, which is a definition of our lightweight, but also a direction for our lightweight . The use of suitable materials in suitable places will not increase costs, which is the direction of low-cost vehicles in our Chinese market. From the composite materials, pure steel to the combination, you can do a typical case like BMW7, I think this is our key development direction. It should be noted that lightweighting does not necessarily mean cost reduction, but lighter weight also comes at a cost. It is necessary to reduce the weight of low-end vehicles at low-end vehicles, and the high-end cars used in high-end vehicles must meet the requirements of cost and light weight. .

18. Ma Fangwu , Executive Dean of Qingdao Automotive Research Institute of Jilin University : All automotive materials come from nature and finally return to nature


Executive Director of Qingdao Automotive Research Institute of Jilin University Ma Fangwu

In the future, the material of the car, or the manufacturing process of the car, must be returned to the principle of material production. The material originally comes from nature. Therefore, after we finish using the car, we must return to nature after the end of its entire life cycle. The damage to people and the damage to nature in this process is the smallest. We are exploring new materials and new structures to achieve such a dream. This is a big cycle.

19. Han Rui, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of China Automotive Equipment Manufacturing Innovation Alliance : Intelligent Manufacturing is the Inevitable Development of Automobile Manufacturing Technology


Deputy Secretary-General of China Automotive Equipment Manufacturing Innovation Alliance, Han Lei

Everyone knows that I have two sentences. In the first sentence, the production lines of Chinaa€?s auto companies are actually world-class. The main production lines are basically automated production lines. The quality of the products is good and the efficiency is high. This is obvious to everyone. of. Therefore, we now go abroad to look at foreign automobile production plants, which are equivalent to our country's automobile production plants.

In the second sentence, the major equipment for the production line of China's auto companies is imported. What does import mean? China's auto output has exceeded 28 million for three consecutive years, and it is the world's number one. We are a large automobile country. But we are not strong, not strong? Sometimes people always say that because of the lack of some key automotive technologies, but I think the more important thing is that these devices for manufacturing cars are not in our hands. There are many key equipment in the automotive industry that have been imported and we cannot manufacture them. Therefore, there are no bottoms in our hearts for the good or the bad. Based on this, at the national level, I think we must develop our own machine tool manufacturing industry and carry out smart manufacturing.

As we all know, automotive parts manufacturing is large-volume, parts processing materials, materials and geometric accuracy, the requirements are not necessarily particularly high, not the nanometer level, not the micron level, but must be uniform, the processing cost is even lower. To meet these requirements, processing must be mechanized and automated to eliminate human interference. If you want to form an automatic production line, the line itself must have self-learning, self-correcting performance, which in fact is gradually developing in the direction of intelligence.

20. Li Fengzhu, Deputy Dean of Passenger Vehicle Design Institute of Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd .: To build a digital factory, and the key areas of integration and development are key


Vice President of Passenger Vehicle Design Institute of Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. Li Fengzhu

In terms of factory intelligence, many companies are currently in the second stage, that is, to achieve system integration, can use ERP, MES and other systems, many companies have reached a stand-alone information and automation. However, there is still a long way to go before realizing digital twins and a higher level of ability to make predictions with big data.

Of course, there is nothing at all. It is also unrealistic. The previous guests also mentioned the use of data, preventive maintenance and repair of equipment, and many domestic companies are actually doing something in this respect. They monitor these devices and model these data through monitoring, and then It comes to predict when the equipment will reach its key point, and it will be preventively maintained. Companies have also done a lot of work. There are two major trends here:

First, the development of manufacturing has complex and systematic features involving production, logistics, sales, services, etc. This is the so-called product life cycle. There are many factors involved in production, and it is difficult for a manufacturer to completely solve these problems unless it is a very large multinational company. But even so, from the economic perspective, companies will not do so. In other words, what does this mean? In order to achieve this goal, there will be more and more cooperation in various fields. For example, system suppliers, software suppliers, equipment suppliers, and sensor suppliers all need cooperation from everyone.

Second, the integration and development of key areas have become the focus. The software and equipment that I just talked about are all there, but connecting these devices, using them, and using them well, requires a lot of software systems. Of course, there are communication protocols, communication between equipment and equipment, and coordination between software and software. This is another topic. However, the integration and development of industrial software can be judged, which may be a key point in the future.

If you want to digitize or intelligentize factories at the plant level, you need to be connected and interoperable. No matter which level you use, equipment and equipment must be able to communicate with each other. In addition, the integration of the factory and the management also needs to be interconnected. This level of ERP and MES should be connected, and it must be able to connect with the supply chain and keep up with the downstream. This is the horizontal integration just mentioned. There can be no

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